2009 St. Louis Rams vs. 2008 Detroit Lions: Who is Worse?

Through five games, the St. Louis Rams are, like the Detroit Lions were a year ago, winless. They’ve averaged less than a touchdown (including the extra point) per game, have been blown out in all but one of their games so far, and, given their finish last season, (2-14) show no signs of improving. This chart helps compare these two horrendous teams.

2008 Detroit Lions 2009 St. Louis Rams
Record 0-5 0-5
Points For 76 34
Points Against 159 146
Yards Per Game 253 281
Avg. Margin of Defeat 16.6 22.2
Rushing TDs 2 0
Star Player Calvin Johnson, WR Steven Jackson, RB*
Primary QB, Week 1 Jon Kitna Marc Bulger
Primary QB, Week 5 Dan Orlovsky Kyle Boller
Primary QB, Week 10 Daunte Culpepper ?
Preseason Record 4-0 3-1
Final Record 0-16 ?

It’s your call. Are the ’09 Rams worse than the ’08 Lions? Will St. Louis win a game this season? Let me know in the comments section or send me an e-mail at andrewjkahn@gmail.com.

*Jackson is clearly the Rams’ star, but you can see in the stat right above his name that he’s yet to score on the ground, so he can’t be that great.

6 thoughts on “2009 St. Louis Rams vs. 2008 Detroit Lions: Who is Worse?”

  1. '08 Detroit is worse because it took a complete organizational overhaul to break their losing streak.The Rams will win a game because they are in a weaker division and get to play Tennessee and Detroit. How about turnovers, which team was worse through five games?

  2. I think the Rams could definitely go winless. They already played one of the other terrible teams in the NFL (the Redskins), and lost. They avoid all of the other TERRIBLE teams (Raiders, Bucs, Chiefs, Browns, maybe the Bills). I am not ready to call the Titans terrible yet, although they are quite bad. After looking at the Rams schedule I don't see a game they'll be favored in and most they will be double digit underdogs. They're double digit underdogs this weekend to a team that just lost by 41! I think they may go winless.

  3. According to FoxSports, Rams have turned it over 12 times, tied for third most in the league. Their turnover differential is second worst (-7). Not sure about the Lions last year.Brian: I agree with you for the most part, but St. Louis does get to play, guess who, the Lions. I'd say they are still pretty bad.

  4. I think you should include my new hometown team, the Tampa Bay Bucs in this conversation. That team sucks donkey dick. 0-6, blowout losses from the Cowboys, Eagles, & Bills(!), and they haven't even hit the tough part of the schedule. The Bucs truly do not have a game left on their schedule that they will be favored in. Its gonna be a blood bath in Britain!

  5. I agree, the Bucs are horrible and their lasting legacy of the season may be that they were the only team to lose to the Washington Redskins; whose ship is sinking faster than Buc's ship.Parity in the NFL is a thing of the past. There are clearly haves and have nots.

  6. In the end, the Rams got their signature, err sole, victory against the Lions so it is hard to say who was worse. Remove the Lions from the Rams schedule and they likely go 0-17. If the Rams are smart they'll draft Ndamukong Suh.

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