Haley Geffen Profile

A fun afternoon on the sideline for a Michigan football game launched a career for Michigan alum Haley Geffen, an executive creative director at Bodega Studios. Geffen, who oversees the award-winning open for Sunday Night Football, also worked for nine years at ESPN. I profiled her for Michigan Today.

Love is a Ball Field

Is it possible to pinpoint the moment you fall in love? Even if it were, does such a moment exist? Isn’t it more about little moments that happen over the course of months or years? Then one day you say, “I love you,” but it’s not like you woke up with that feeling; you realized you’ve felt that way for a while. What, too mushy for a sports blog? You getting stuck in all the sap? Well I’m getting married on Saturday, so deal with it!
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MLB Recap: Iwakuma Dominates and Puig Awes

The fourth no-hitter of the season—and first in the American League in a long time—was thrown on Wednesday. The day before, something happened that had never been accomplished before in MLB history—and it involved every team. All that and more and in my latest CBS Local recap.

Minor League Baseball Coverage

I’m excited to announce I’m now an Associate Editorial Producer for MiLB.com, the official website of Minor League Baseball. Several nights a week, I’ll be writing stories about the players and teams throughout the minors. From Rookie ball to Triple-A, my colleagues and I will have you covered.

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The Citi Field Experience

The following photos were taken during the bottom of the seventh inning of last night’s Mets-Rockies game at Citi Field. They represent some, but not even close to all, of the stadium’s noise meter graphics.

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MLB Recap: Highlight Plays and Mets Take First

Ever seen a pop-up slide at home plate? How about a cycle in the first five innings? Watch the highlights and get some insight on the Mets taking over first place and Jimmy Rollins returning to Philadelphia in my latest MLB recap for CBS Local.

MLB Recap: Deadline Deals

Read about the trade deadline deals, the latest no-hitter, a 21-run outburst, and more in my weekly MLB recap for CBS Local.

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