Best Television Theme Songs from the 90s

full house saved by the bell fresh prince

Starter jackets. Beanie Babies. Pogs. Awesome sitcom theme songs. The ’90s gave us television intros that we can still recite today. The following 15 shows are ranked by the quality of their opening theme song. In order to qualify for the list, the show had to be aimed at young teens and the majority of the episodes aired in the ’90s. If you’re wondering why Blossom isn’t on this list, it’s because I hated that show.

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College Football Week 3 Rap

Guess who’s back? Me, with another rap to recap the weekend in college football. In the Week 3 edition, I make fun of Texas for its coin flip debacle, compare a UCLA player to a Backstreet Boy, and, tout the SEC, because not enough people are doing that:

The beat for this song was made by Doug Funny. Lyrics and my current playoff field below:

Heads or tails?
It’s easy, right? Well Texas failed
Receive or defer? The question’s asked
The Longhorns chose to kick in both halves
The Bruins won by three but in the end
What’s a possession or two between friends?
A backup QB won
A long lost Backstreet Boy the former coach’s son
Not all faves escaped
Georgia made mistakes and lost to SC late
Let’s be honest in any other conference
We’d be saying that both teams are nonsense
But in the SEC, let’s just see
We’ll place both teams in the best 15
The Trojans got trampled
By BC just a week after beating Stanford
Va Tech beat the Bucks
Then lost to ECU I guess everybody sucks
Rutgers got tricked
First game in the Big Ten and threw five picks
Florida survived a scare
But at Bama on Saturday’s a real nightmare
It’s B-Z reporting on Week 3
Like what you see and hear then please tweet me

My playoff field, if it started today:

Also considered: Alabama, Oklahoma Note: Oregon vs Baylor would break football.

Also considered: Alabama, Oklahoma
Note: Oregon vs Baylor would break football.

College Football Week 2 Rap

Here is my rap for the second week of the college football season. It was a bad week for the Big Ten in general and Michigan in particular, and the lyrics reflect that:

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