Scoop and Score: Mark Adams, John Gasaway

Two ESPN college basketball experts join the podcast. Mark Adams, who provides color commentary for the biggest midmajor games across the country, talks about Wichita State and other small conference programs to watch as the NCAA Tournament approaches. Writer John Gasaway, whose appearance starts at the 11:45 mark, talks about the analytics revolution in college hoops and what stats matter most when assessing the top teams.

Dean Smith, Coaching Legend, Dies at 83

Dean Smith was an innovator. From having his players huddle before free throws to starting five seniors on Senior Day to calculating points per possession, the former North Carolina basketball coach was ahead of his time. He died at the age of 83 on Saturday. While many college coaches are praised for being more than just a coach, Smith, a civil rights pioneer, really was. Read my tribute to him on CBS Local.

Sports Tattoos

There are many kinds of tattoos that will age well: symbols like shamrocks or musical notes; a date to commemorate a loved one’s passing; butterflies and swirls. There are just as many that are fine initially but could easily become regrettable, like a girlfriend’s name. Sports-themed tattoos are no different. A team logo is probably harmless if you’re a fan; not so much if you’re the team’s coach.

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Scoop and Score: Super Bowl, College Hoops Offense

Grantland’s Bryan Curtis, who was in Arizona for the Super Bowl, joins me to “talk about” the game’s unexpected stars and its media coverage. I also speak with college basketball coaches, such as Notre Dame’s Mike Brey, about the lack of offense in the sport.

Are Smartphones Hurting Team Chemistry?

Having witnessed college basketball players have team meals without talking to each other and walk from the bus to the arena with noise-cancelling headphones, I wondered if technology was hurting team chemistry. To find out if I was on to something or overreacting, I interviewed dozens of coaches, players, and experts for a feature story that appears in the latest issue of Basketball Times.

Nonconference Conference Games

When did college athletic conferences cease to be unifying bodies within a larger organization? Long before Monday, when Wake Forest and North Carolina, both ACC schools, agreed to play nonconference games against each other in 2019 and 2021. It was just another reminder that realignment is sending college sports down the toilet and we’re all screwed.

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Scoop and Score: Matt Norlander on College Hoops

Matt Norlander of joins me to discuss Duke’s dismissal of junior guard Rasheed Sulaimon, whether Notre Dame can make a deep Tournament run (7:00), Kentucky’s challengers (13:15), and the next Damian Lillard (18:15).

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