MLB Recap: Position Players Pitching

While I’ve already covered the Royals All-Star Game voting domination, my latest “5 Things” column also includes the St. Louis Cardinals hack job, Brock Holt’s cycle, and the abundance of position players who took the mound this past week. Check it out at CBS Local.

Jurassic World

It was never about the movie. It was about the movie-going experience. I saw Jurassic World on Thursday, 22 years to the day after Jurassic Park opened. Seeing the original when I was almost seven years old is my first movie theater memory and sparked my nerdy obsession interest in dinosaurs.

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MLB Recap: No-Hitter and an Ambidextrous Pitcher

This past week gave us the first no-hitter of its kind and the first pitcher of its kind. Plus, Joey Votto hit three homers in one game. Read all about these things, and more, in my latest MLB recap for CBS Local.

Are the Mets a Playoff Team?

Is this what a playoff team looks like? Not much power, even less speed, bench players in the starting lineup? Fans of the 31-27 Mets—and fans of teams with similar records—need to remind themselves that yes, this is exactly what many eventual playoff teams look like. It’s sometimes hard to believe.

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MLB Recap: Tigers Struggling

A manager’s tantrum, the release of a former All Star, and photo evidence that Giancarlo Stanton does not care for basic candy eating protocol. All of that and more in my latest CBS Local MLB recap.

MLB Recap: Does MLB Need to Get a Grip?

Two pitchers were suspended this past week for using a substance on the mound that supposedly helped them get a better grip on a baseball. Did they really do anything wrong? I look at that, plus more records for A-Rod, in my latest recap for CBS Local.

Trip to PNC Park in Pittsburgh

It was still just the fourth inning, and I’d already won a Denny’s breakfast, Dunkin Donuts coffee, and Chick-fil-a sandwich. Never before had the Mets’ poor play been so rewarding. In fact, everything about my first experience at a baseball game in Pittsburgh was enjoyable—except for the game’s result.

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