Scoop and Score: Mets-Dodgers Preview

The Mets and Dodgers start their NLDS battle Friday night. Does LA’s lineup put fear in the hearts of men? Is watching playoff baseball a slow grind of misery? We ask those questions and predict the series. Subscribe and rate on iTunes!

Scoop and Score: College Football Week 5 Recap

Steve talks about his experience at the game of the week — ND at Clemson — and what he just had to tell former NBA star David Robinson. We recap the other big games as well. If you’re enjoying the pod, please rate it on iTunes!

TCU’s Dreadful Defense

No eventual national champion has ever allowed as many points as TCU surrendered last week. To make matters worse, TCU head coach Gary Patterson doesn’t expect the defense to get any better this week. As a result, a team many expected to participate in the playoff looks very vulnerable.

MLB Recap: October Is Here

Weather permitting, the regular season wraps up this weekend, and the race for the second wild card spot in the American League is going down to the wire. I recap the playoff picture, the Harper-Papelbon scuffle, and more in my latest for CBS Local.

Scoop and Score: College Football Week 4 Recap

Steve and I discuss the TCU-Texas Tech shootout and what it means for the Horned Frogs’ playoff hopes. Steve conveys his excitement for his trip to see ND play at Clemson this week. Plus, more callers!

The 2015 Mets as a Three-Act Play

Act I:

We are introduced to the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, a team with hopes of its first winning season in seven years and perhaps contending for a wild card spot. They’re 13-3 after an 11-game win streak but they’ve given it all back by late June. Their seventh straight loss drops them to 36-37. They have great pitching but terrible hitting. A 2-0 deficit in the third inning is cause to change the channel.  David Wright is hurt and nobody knows when he’ll return. Travis d’Arnaud goes back and forth to the DL. Curtis Granderson is in there every day, drawing walks and hitting home runs. Lucas Duda and Daniel Murphy run hot and cold but they contribute too. And the pitching remains strong enough to keep the team afloat. It’s clear they need an offensive upgrade. Act I ends as the trade deadline nears.

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MLB Recap: RIP Yogi Berra

As teams compete for playoff stops in these final weeks, baseball lost an icon who was a postseason fixture throughout his long career. In my latest recap for CBS Local, I highlight Yogi Berra’s career, on and off the field, and look at some milestone achievements from this past week. Plus, a baby was born in a baseball stadium last night!

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