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Super Bowl Blowouts, Dynasties

Thank God for box pools. Sunday’s Super Bowl was an all-time snooze fest, as Seattle steamrolled Denver 43-8. In the aftermath, I heard two statements thrown around often. The first was that the wide margin was highly unusual and the second was that Seattle looks primed to start a dynasty. Are either true?

Starting with Super Bowl XXX in 1996, 13 of the 18 games have been exciting.* And by that I mean they were within one score at some point in the fourth quarter. Common sense tells us that the championship game in any sport should be a competitive game and the numbers back that up: for every Seahawks-Broncos or Bucs-Raiders we get five Giants-Patriots or at least Saints-Colts. That’s a good deal for us fans and it was fair to criticize Sunday’s game for not living up to the hype.

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