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SEC Football Week 3 Recap

I break down Florida’s Hail Mary against Tennessee and  Mississippi State’s dominant victory over LSU in my latest SEC Football Report.

CBS Local: SEC Football Report Week 3

SEC Football Week 2 Recap

It was a significant Saturday in the SEC, as Georgia and Auburn both hit the road for high-profile match-ups. I recap their mixed results and bring you the highlight plays — an 87-yard loss among them — from the conference.

CBS Local: SEC Football Report Week 2

SEC Football Week 1 Recap

Every Tuesday, I’ll be recapping the week that was in SEC football and looking ahead to the coming Saturday. My first report covers Alabama’s big win over Florida State and the mixed results for the rest of the conference. I’ll continue to post links to the stories, which appear on CBS Local, here.

CBS Local: SEC Football Report

Scoop and Score: College Football Week 12 Recap

Michigan State went to Columbus and came away with perhaps the best win of the season, a result that rippled across the college football pond. Steve and I cover that, discuss our experiences attending games on Saturday, and preview this weekend’s games. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Scoop and Score: College Football Week 2 Recap

Steve and I break down Oregon-Michigan State, Michigan’s first win, Notre Dame’s critical injury, and more from Week 2. We look ahead to the key matchups of Week 3.

Texas A&M and Missouri Find Success in SEC

Missouri was picked to finish sixth in the seven-team SEC East. Having gone 2-6 in the conference last season after coming over from the Big 12, perhaps there was a feeling that Missouri wasn’t ready for the big, bad SEC. The Tigers are now one win away from reaching the SEC championship game. Their success comes a season after Texas A&M, which also left the Big 12 for the SEC, took the league by storm. Assuming these teams didn’t magically get better simply by joining the SEC, their success proves that every conference has good teams and bad teams. This is useful to remember in a year where fans and media are once again making generalizations about conferences and applying them to specific teams.

To read my take on that, check out my Saturday Blitz column: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/11/25/sec-football-missouri-texas-am/. You’ll also find two amazing plays from the past week, as well as quick thoughts on first-year head coaches and Florida’s struggles.