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Championship Series Update

The Yankees and Dodgers are each one win away from the World Series. How’d they put themselves in that position? Find out in my latest for CBS Local.

CBS Local: Five Things from the LCS

Wild Wild Cards

Thanks to starting pitcher meltdowns, we just witnessed the highest-scoring wild-card round ever. The Yankees and Diamondbacks advanced and the divisional matchups, which begin today, are set. Read the “Five Things” you need to know in my latest story for CBS Local:

Wild Card Games: Five Things You Missed

Hop on Board the Mets Bandwagon

There was a New York Times article a couple of days ago in which several Mets fans expressed their disgust with Yankees fans rooting for the Mets during this year’s playoffs. One guy compared the bandwagon flip-floppers to postwar Germany:

“‘Yes, I was a member of the Nazi Party during the war. But sure, I’ll come over to your house.’ No, you can’t. Some really horrible things have happened.”

Um, OK, buddy. I’ve seen similar—though far, far less extreme—sentiments expressed on social media. And they make no sense to me.

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