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MLB Column: All Star Game

The All Star Game, which will be played next Wednesday in Miami, has undergone some changes over the years—for a brief stretch there were two games a season—but there are still potential improvements.

CBS Local: All Star Game Tweaks

The MLB All Star Game Is Broken

Every sports outlet has an article this week about how to fix MLB’s All Star Game. The only surprise for readers clicking the headline is the number of suggestions. I only have two:

  1. Allow players to re-enter the game.
  1. Divorce the game’s result from home field advantage in the World Series.

I think we’d fix a lot of problems with these two simple tweaks. If free substitution were implemented, we wouldn’t need 80 All Stars every year. Managers could make sure everyone played in the first six innings or so before bringing back the starters to finish the game.

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MLB Recap: All-Star Preview

How about that Pirates-Padres game? Exciting from start to finish, it included a robbed home run and an groundskeeper getting swallowed by the tarp. I cover that, as well as preview the All-Star events in my latest recap for CBS Local.

Royals Dominate All-Star Voting

If the MLB All-Star Game took place today, it would not be the National League vs. the American League. It would be the NL vs. the Kansas City Royals and Mike Trout. Or, as I’d prefer to call them: Mikey T and the KC Kids. Fans vote for the game’s starters, and the latest tally has eight Royals leading their position. There are still two weeks left of voting, but if the numbers hold, the Royals would field the starting catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, two of the outfielders, and the designated hitter.

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