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Scoop and Score: College Basketball Roundtable

If a 16 seed added LeBron James to its roster, would it win the national championship? My older brother Brian Kahn and friend Lee Joffe join me to debate that scenario. We share our Final Four favorites and I amaze them with the statistical anomaly that is Oakland’s Max Hooper. Subscribe and rate on iTunes!

LeBron for a Day

If you could become any basketball player for a day, whom would you choose? Jordan? Magic? Shaq? A few years ago, this would have been a more interesting question. Did you want to score? Distribute? Dominate inside? Now, you don’t really have to choose. One player gives you all of these things.

I asked a bunch of my hoop-playing friends who they’d like to become. There were conditions: the transformation would be similar to how the aliens become the Monstars in Space Jam—you’d get your chosen player’s size and skill but maintain your personality and facial features. And you’d only get those attributes for a day. In other words, it’s all about ball, not fame or fortune.
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LeBron James, Miami Heat, Win NBA Title

I, like LeBron James, thought it would be easy. When he took his talents to South Beach to team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, I accepted their domination as inevitable and resorted to saying it wouldn’t be very rewarding for them given the way the team was assembled.

But something unexpected happened last season: The Miami Heat did not win a title. Suddenly, we—not to mention the Heat players—realized it wasn’t easy. In this year’s NBA Finals, Miami lost Game 1 in Oklahoma City. In the 48 hours before Game 2, those familiar questions popped up: Was this experiment a failure? Who would coach the Heat next season? Should they trade Wade or Bosh?
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