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A Sports Break, Sort Of

Sports bring people together. I’ve written, said, and thought this often. Taking interest in the performance of athletic teams automatically gives you potential connections to millions of people all over the world. During my recent honeymoon, this was reaffirmed yet again.

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NFL Week 4: The Inaccurate Reception

Green Bay Packers fans won’t see it this way, but we can look back at The Inaccurate Reception as the play that forced Roger Goodell and the NFL to come to an agreement with the locked-out referees, who will return to the field tonight. There are three photos that sum up the madness that was the final play of the Packers-Seahawks game in Seattle.

The first shows Tate with, at best, one hand on the football (that white thing next to Wilson’s stats is my attempt at an asterisk):

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New York Giants Upset Green Bay Packers

I could feel the middle-aged woman’s eyes, studying me like I was an animal at the zoo. She shouldn’t have been surprised by what she saw, but she was. I heard her not-so-quietly ask her friend for an explanation. Finally she asked me.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Why are you wearing a cheesehead?”

It was an interesting phrasing of the question. It turns out she meant it in the most literal way possible—she had no idea Green Bay Packers fans wore such a thing or that she was at a Packers bar. Had I never come across a cheesehead, I don’t think I’d know to call it a cheesehead. I’d probably ask, “Why are you wearing a hunk of foam cheese on your head?” but that’s just me.

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