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Lexi Thompson: LPGA Rising Star

It’s been quite the last two months for Lexi Thompson, the 22-year-old star of the LPGA Tour. After being robbed of a major championship, she bounced back last week to dominate the field. She shoots for a second straight victory this weekend and is primed to become an even bigger attraction.

Excelle Sports: Lexi Thomson: the Next LPGA Poster Girl

MLB Column: Manager Tirades

Instant replay has brought some civility to Major League Baseball. For the most part, there’s no need for managers or players to scream at umpires anymore. And, in a way, that’s unfortunate. Click the link below for my latest baseball column.

CBS Local: For Argument’s Sake

MLB Column: Announcers

Because of the nature of the sport and length of the season, fans have a special relationship with their favorite team’s TV announcers. Mets fans, in particular, are lucky.

CBS Local: The Voices of Summer

Michigan Softball Academy

The Michigan Softball Academy, held for the eighth straight year last week, allows adults to take the field and learn from the sport’s all-time winningest coach and her players, all while raising more than $130,000 for breast cancer research.

Excelle Sports: Michigan Softball Academy

MLB Column: April Analysis

The Blue Jays aren’t making the playoffs. Eric Thames looks legit. Pitchers are going to keep getting hurt. These are a few of my observations—I promise the analysis itself is more intriguing than the premise—from the first month of the baseball season.

CBS Local: Buy/Sell from Baseball’s First Month

MLB Column: Kids Baseball Movies

Hollywood has produced very little in the way of sports movies for the kids in the last 20 years. This is especially true of baseball movies. The SandlotRookie of the Year, Little Big League, and Angels in the Outfield hit theaters over a 15-month span in the mid-90s. What changed? I talked to the writer/director of The Sandlot, among others, to get to the bottom of this unfortunate trend.

CBS Local: What Happened to Kids Baseball Movies?