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Concussion Movie

One of Hollywood’s leading actors stars in a major motion picture about…concussion research? It would not have been fathomable 10 years ago. I used the film, which I saw last weekend, as a jumping off point to discuss the latest research into head trauma, concussions, and CTE in a blog post for the Dana Foundation.

Scoop and Score: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

As wearable technology becomes more prevalent for both recreational and professional athletes, Steve and I talk with health and technology expert Jane Sarasohn-Kahn about the Internet of Things. HIPAA and concussions, as they relate to sports, are also discussed. Jane blogs at healthpopuli.com and tweets @healthythinker. We are @AndrewKahn and @StephenKahn12

Shane Morris, Brady Hoke, and Concussions

Fifteen minutes. That’s the minimum time it takes to complete a SCAT3, the test given to athletes who may be concussed.

Three minutes and fifteen seconds. That’s the time it took for Michigan quarterback Shane Morris to re-enter the game after sustaining what appeared to be a concussion.

Six hours and counting. That’s the time it’s taken, so far, for the Michigan medical staff to release the statement we were told to expect earlier today.

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