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Scoop and Score: Conference Championships Preview

If the playoffs started now, Alabama wouldn’t deserve a spot. But they don’t start now, so Steve and I preview the conference championships, including the Big Ten’s de facto play-in game. Listen to learn our picks and our Heisman ballots. iTunes to rate and subscribe!

Scoop and Score: College Football Week 12 Recap

Michigan State went to Columbus and came away with perhaps the best win of the season, a result that rippled across the college football pond. Steve and I cover that, discuss our experiences attending games on Saturday, and preview this weekend’s games. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Scoop and Score: College Football Week 10 Recap

“I think you can drop-kick the ball at any point.”…”One of them is Western Kentucky if you want to not count them.”…”[Our mom] is the moral compass of the show.” Just your typical weekly recap, Heisman discussion, playoff debate, and Week 11 preview.