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MLB Column: The Cleveland Indians’ Streak

The Cleveland Indians’ win streak can now buy a beer at the ballpark. People may be impressed now, but it seems team-related streaks don’t stick in our minds like individual records.

CBS Local: Reflecting on the Cleveland Indians’ Win Streak

World Series Game 7 Recap

Please just read my recap for CBS Local. I’m choosing, at least for now, to leave it at that as opposed to writing a few thousand more words about perhaps the greatest World Series game ever.

World Series Game 6 Recap

March Madness. Super Bowl. Sudden death. There are several two-word phrases that excite sports fans. Here’s another: Game 7. The Cubs and Indians and their long history of failure will play for the World Series trophy tonight in Cleveland. Joe Maddon made some strange bullpen moves last night, but the Cubs won. Read about the important moments and what to look for tonight in my CBS Local recap.