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The Highs and Lows of an Unpredictable, Unbelievable Sports Saturday

I think Steve Bartman was sitting in front of me at the Mets-Cubs game on Saturday night. It was maybe the third most unlikely thing I experienced that day.

When I went to bed late Thursday, after the Mets had beaten the Dodgers to advance to the National League Championship Series, I knew Saturday was going to be epic. My wife and I would drive to Queens to watch the Michigan-Michigan State football game with two fellow Michigan alums and then pop over to Citi Field for the Mets game.

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The Citi Field Experience

The following photos were taken during the bottom of the seventh inning of last night’s Mets-Rockies game at Citi Field. They represent some, but not even close to all, of the stadium’s noise meter graphics.

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Can Citi Field Ever Match Shea Stadium?


Below is a modified version of my submission to Mets Magazine for its “Shea Stadium Memories” series. The magazine had a word limit, plus I figured I shouldn’t say anything negative about the Mets’ current stadium, Citi Field, so this post has been adapted for my blog. Then again, it was never published anywhere else.

The first thing you noticed was the grass. There was so much of it and it was so green. Modern stadiums have a lot going for them, but with open concourses you lose the awe of seeing the field explode out of nowhere. Walking through the tunnel to my seat at Shea Stadium for the first time is a sight I’ll never forget.

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New York Mets Opening Day 2014

The good: I saw a cute little baby bundled up in Mets apparel.
The bad: He had to be bundled up because the temperature at first pitch was 44 degrees with strong winds.

The good: I, too, got to wear a Mets winter cap, one that was a promotional giveaway at a game last September.
The bad: I’m not sure I’ll ever get to wear the hat in Citi Field in October.

The good: They had pocket schedules at the stadium!
The bad: The fact that this is a cause for celebration. But it is, because in past years, there have been no schedules available at Citi for the first few home stands, as if the season snuck up on the organization.

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Mets vs Reds: Up Close and Personal

david wright citi field

If Tim Teufel gets fired today, I’ll know why. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I went to last night’s Mets game. Even for a Real Fan™ like myself, if Matt Harvey isn’t pitching there’s little incentive to show up. But if the weather’s nice (it was), the company is good (yup), and you’ve got seats in the first row behind the on-deck circle with access to unlimited free food, you could argue it’s worth the trip to Citi Field. I’m not saying you would win that argument, but you could make it.
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The Mets’ Recurring April Fools Joke

mets opening day 13

The New York Mets have a 34-18 record on Opening Day, good for a .654 winning percentage, the best in baseball. The rest of the time, the Mets have a .477 winning percentage.

On Opening Day, the Mets play like the 1928 Yankees. In the other 161 games, they look like, well, the Mets.

The Mets won their opener again today, beating the Padres 11-2 in front of a “sell-out” crowd. (This had to be an April Fools joke. Citi Field was sold out on Monday in the same way that this website is the most popular on the internet: it comes close, but needs thousands more people to visit for it to be true.) Sitting atop the division for at least one game is one of the few joys of being a Mets fan.
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A Rookie, a Wookiee, and a Snooki

I wonder what Matt Harvey was thinking. The 23-year-old pitcher spent his first day in a big league clubhouse yesterday, having been called up from Buffalo in preparation for his first major league start on Thursday. Did he look around Citi Field and ask himself, “What the hell did I get myself into?”

Other thoughts that may have passed through Harvey’s head:

There weren’t this many Storm Troopers in Buffalo.

I’ve never seen a Jersey Shore cast member do play-by-play before!

No rain delays in the big leagues? I better toughen up.
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