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Should Matt Harvey Retaliate for Chase Utley’s Slide?

This past weekend, before Chase Utley broke Ruben Tejada’s leg, my mom asked me a question: “Why would you intentionally hit someone with a pitch?” She had watched the Pirates-Cubs wild card game, in which a Pirates reliever plunked a Cubs batter, almost certainly on purpose. My mom is a sports fan, so her question was not exactly like that annoying kid who asks his father about investing, but the point is the same: It can help to get a fresh perspective. In trying to give an explanation—the Cubs pitcher had hit two batters earlier in the game, probably by accident, and the opposing pitcher is just expected to, I don’t know, retaliate—I considered, for the first time, that maybe the practice was unnecessary. Do Matt Harvey and the Mets feel the same way? We’ll find out tonight.

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