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Conference Championship Picture

The college football regular season is winding down, which means it’s time to look at the major conference races. In several conferences, teams in the hunt still have to play each other, which should make for an exciting finish.

Favorite: Central Florida (5-0 in conference)
Still alive: Louisville (5-1), Cincinnati (5-1), Houston (4-2), SMU (3-2)

UCF has survived close calls the last two weeks to remain unbeaten in conference. The Knights are expected to win their final three—home against Rutgers and South Florida; at SMU—but can probably lose one and still win the American. That’s because they already beat Louisville and should they find themselves tied with Cincinnati, UCF would probably win the tiebreaker by virtue of a better BCS ranking. Houston and SMU are not mathematically eliminated, but are eliminated by any other measure.

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Is FSU Better Than Bama?

If Alabama reaches the national championship game, they will be favored regardless of opponent (in fact, there is already a point spread for a potential Alabama-Florida State title game and ‘Bama is favored by 5.5 points). But if we’re solely looking at what’s happened this season, Florida State (and Baylor) make a great case for No. 1. I look at why, as well as break down how bad Oregon has been against Stanford (relative to their success against other teams). All that (AND MORE!) here: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/11/14/week-11-recap/

National Championship Contenders: When Will They Lose?

After last weekend’s action, eight undefeated teams remain, including six from major conferences. Florida State plays Miami on Saturday, eliminating one; when might the others stumble? I try to answer that question, as well as look into Boise State’s struggles (they have three losses!) and complain about two bye weeks in one season. Read it all here: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/10/28/will-remaining-unbeatens-lose/

BCS Rankings Revealed

I’ve written about college football polls here before. I don’t like them too much. Now that the first edition of the BCS rankings are out, I decided to vent some more: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/10/22/bcs-rankings-much-agreement-among-voters/. I also come to Oregon’s and Baylor’s defense (that’s a pun; you will see if you read the article) and share a few other college football tidbits. Enjoy!

Nick Saban Can’t Stop

Nick Saban
Surely this photo was doctored since Nick Saban never smiles.

Nick Saban had just hoisted the crystal football with a look that said, Here it is, humans, now let me start working on acquiring another one. He told a reporter that he would enjoy the victory for an entire 48 hours, twice as long as his usual celebration time limit. Senior linebacker Nico Johnson said the returning players would be angry about the two touchdowns they allowed. My friend Munoz asked me if Alabama was going to start practicing right then and there on the Orange Bowl field.
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Bowl Preview 2012

Purdue played well enough this season to get an invitation to a bowl game. Not just any bowl, but a New Year’s Day bowl. Purdue played poorly enough this season to fire its coach. That, my friends, is the modern-day college football bowl system.

Purdue is somewhat of an unfair example. The Boilermakers are 6-6, but moved up in the Big Ten’s bowl pecking order because two of the better teams, Ohio State and Penn State, were ineligible. But Purdue is one of 12 6-6 teams going bowling (and not the only bowl team to fire its coach; 7-5 North Carolina State canned Tom O’Brien).
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BCS Championship Tickets, Big Ten Expansion, Heisman Watch

Overheard in Pittsburgh: “Notre Dame is a bad football team. Trust us, we know what a bad football team looks like. We were up 14 on them in the fourth quarter! Then our guys started forgetting which end zone to go towards. Even then, we win if our kicker makes that chip shot. And they had two guys on the field with the same number during the kick! Typical ND favoritism from the refs right there.”

Overheard in Ann Arbor: “Notre Dame, No. 1? Seriously? If Denard didn’t throw 10 interceptions we would have won easily. We still should have won. And that was at their place. Their defense wasn’t any good. We just gave it to them. And their offense was terrible.”

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