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Big Ten Basketball Woes

Even Tom Izzo had to admit the top of the Big Ten isn’t all that strong. “This year, there’s no question that it’s been Wisconsin and the rest,” he told me yesterday. “Maryland is now proving to be in that class. But the strength at the top isn’t as good as last year or some of the other conferences.” For that reason, the conference as a whole has dipped considerably this season.

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Yawn in 60 Seconds

When do 60 seconds last 10 minutes? Unfortunately, this isn’t a riddle. The answer is “the end of a close college basketball game.” A parade of replay reviews, timeouts, and free throws can turn what should be an exciting finish into a mind-numbing crawl. The game needs fixing, but coaches don’t recognize that it’s broken.

I spoke with more than 10 coaches this past week about the final minute of close games and found a near-unanimous approval of the status quo as it relates to replay reviews and timeouts. Only one voiced dissent about replays (perhaps not coincidentally, the lone assistant interviewed) and just one other would be in favor of fewer timeouts.

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Pac-12 Basketball Coverage

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How do the league’s coaches stack up against coaches in other leagues? (Hint: Not well.)

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