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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Preview

Given what Florida Gulf Coast has done, a list of 16 notable items heading into the Sweet 16 wouldn’t leave much room for other schools. That’s why I dedicated an entire article to the Eagles, which will post tomorrow. Even so, I couldn’t help but include a few FGCU items in this story.

1. Dunk City

Here is every dunk Florida Gulf Coast has had so far in the NCAA Tournament [Update: The video has been removed, but I’m sure you can find a similar video.]:

While the dunks are great, so are Kevin Harlan’s calls. Here’s a sampling:

“Ohhh, Fieler, up high and down hard!”

“Ohhh, Murray cracks the sledgehammer!”
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32 Reasons to Love the 2013 NCAA Tourney

I covered the 32 reasons why the NCAA Tournament, year after year, is great. By looking at all 32 first-round matchups, I explain why the 2013 Tournament, specifically, will be memorable.

1. Louisville vs. Liberty/North Carolina A&T
Liberty will need to win its play-in game in order to get into the field of 64 and take on Louisville, but I’m sure they are relishing their spot on national television, where the 15-20 Flames can show Duke transfer Seth Curry what he’s been missing.

2. Colorado State vs. Missouri
Get ready for some Norfolk State highlights, Mizzou fans.

3. Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
The Cowboys are probably wondering why they have to play a 4 seed in the first round.
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