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Week 3: Texas A&M-Alabama Preview; Texas Tech-TCU Recap

There’s a lot of Texas in that title. That’s because A&M is involved in the latest version of the Game of the Century (the 10th or 11th of its kind so far this century). You can read about it, and some other college football news, here: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/09/12/week-3-preview-johnny-cam-games-watch/

I also wrote a story about last night’s Texas Tech-TCU game. The offense wasn’t always pretty, but there was plenty of excitement (such as a fox on the field): http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/09/13/texas-tech-beats-tcu-big-12-opener/

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Week 2 Recap: Michigan Beats ND

Many said the Michigan-ND game would be decided by quarterback play (not exactly a bold prediction), and it did. Michigan has a quarterback who is a running threat; Notre Dame does not. This made a big difference in the red zone on Saturday night, where Michigan went 4/4 with four touchdowns while ND was 3/5 with two touchdowns. I wrote about other aspects of the game, including a breakdown of Eminem’s bizarre halftime interview, and the rest of Saturday’s action, here: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/09/09/week-2-recap-nd-michigan-eminem-espn-booth-miami-florida/

Notre Dame-Michigan, Week 2 Preview

As many of you are well aware, Notre Dame plays Michigan tomorrow night. Sadly, at least for me, it is Notre Dame’s last scheduled trip to the Big House. But is this upsetting for Notre Dame fans as well? I take a look at the rivalry in this column for Saturday Blitz: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/09/06/notre-dame-michigan-last-time-big-house/

Also, please check out my complete Week 2 preview, including Georgia-South Carolina and Florida-Miami. We are just one day away from a golden retriever puppy leading a team on to the field! http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/09/05/south-carolina-georgia-miami-florida-week-2-preview/