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Are Some NBA Hopefuls Better Off Not Getting Drafted?

Scott Machado was not drafted but is playing summer league with the Rockets. (Credit: ICGaels.com)

There are worse things in the world than not being selected in the NBA Draft—like being selected in the NBA Draft.

“If the team is very excited about the player, that’s good. But if the team is just taking a flyer on a guy [late in the second round], I’d rather have him go undrafted,” said Mark Bartelstein, an agent at Priority Sports with as many NBA clients as anyone.
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March Madness Means Everything

With just two more wins, the Kentucky Wildcats will be national champions and debated as one of the greatest college basketball teams of all-time. One loss, however, one lousy performance against a hot-shooting team, and Kentucky’s season will be considered a disappointment. And I’m perfectly OK with that.

It’s not entirely fair, but that’s the world we live in. November tournaments in Maui and New York are fun; regular season games are intense; conference tournaments are meaningful. But college basketball seasons come down to three weeks in March. This is a credit to the design of the Tournament and how great it is, though many worry it highlights the dwindling importance of the rest of the season.
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Stanley Hill: College Basketball Trailblazer

Stanley Hill looked around the Hynes Athletics Center and smiled. On the visitor’s bench was Fairfield University’s men’s basketball coach Sydney Johnson. At the scorer’s table was Iona College athletics director Eugene Marshall, Jr. Both men are black. The Iona and Fairfield rosters, like so many others, are filled with black student-athletes. Hill, more so than most, notices. A lot has changed since he played college basketball.

Hill, a 1959 Iona graduate, was in New Rochelle last Friday night to accept the inaugural Trailblazer Award, named after him. At halftime of the Feb. 24 Iona-Fairfield game, he spoke about The Game That Never Was and why Iona was a special place.
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