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Trey Burke: What Is His NBA Ceiling?

Trey Burke (Credit: Adam Glanzman)

When kids start high school, adults of all kinds can’t wait to tell them how this is not middle school anymore. It is time to get serious. The dedicated students rise to the challenge. The same thing happens in college. This is not high school, the professors say. No more coasting. Again, the committed students do well.

Trey Burke was a dominant high school player but was told he was too small for the big, bad Big Ten. He was the National Player of the Year last season and led Michigan to the national championship game. Now there are doubts about how his game will translate to the pros. Yes, he will be a lottery pick in Thursday night’s NBA Draft; in fact, it’s hard to imagine him falling past the Pistons at No. 8. While hardly any expert thinks Burke will do poorly at the next level, opinions run the gamut as to his ceiling.
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Should Dwyane Wade and Manu Ginobili Be Benched in Game 7?

The players with the worst plus-minus in the 2013 NBA Finals have a combined five NBA championships, Olympic gold medals for two different countries, and enough individual achievements to warrant a Hall of Fame induction. They are also two of the most fearless slashers in the game, capable of hitting acrobatic shots among the giants, and often tumbling to the floor in the process. Have their hard minutes caught up with them at the worst possible time?
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CJ McCollum: from Lehigh to NBA Lottery Prospect

CJ McCollum
(Photo Credit: Lehigh Athletics)

Just a few weeks after Davidson College completed its magical NCAA Tournament run in 2008, Lehigh assistant basketball coach Matt Logie went to an AAU tournament in Ohio to watch a skinny high school junior named C.J. McCollum. He wasn’t being recruited by any major colleges, mostly because of his size. He was a shooting guard in a point guard’s body, and an undersized point guard at that.

After seeing him play for the first time in person, Logie didn’t hold back when writing the school’s initial evaluation of McCollum. “Looks like a young Steph Curry,” he wrote. Logie likened McCollum’s physique, baby face, confidence, ball handling, and scorer’s mentality to the then-darling of college basketball, an under-recruited star who carried his small school to within one basket of the Final Four as a sophomore. Curry would become the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.
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