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MLB Recap: Assortment of Rarities

I’m posting this a bit later than usual, but if you haven’t seen Kevin Kiermaier’s catch yet, it’s worth the wait. While home runs are robbed several times a week—though rarely so spectacularly—you don’t see a no-hitter, a triple play, or a straight steal of home very often. Last week featured all three. Read about them in my latest MLB recap for CBS Local.

MLB Recap: Mets Catch Fire

The Mets have not lost since I got married. Just sayin’. The offense has come alive since the trade deadline — one of the worst group of bats in the league is suddenly among the best. Meanwhile, someone you may have never heard of threw a no-hitter while someone you probably know came awfully close. All that and more in my latest recap for CBS Local.

MLB Recap: Iwakuma Dominates and Puig Awes

The fourth no-hitter of the season—and first in the American League in a long time—was thrown on Wednesday. The day before, something happened that had never been accomplished before in MLB history—and it involved every team. All that and more and in my latest CBS Local recap.