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MLB Column: Astros Return to Houston

This weekend’s baseball games in Houston can’t undo the damage of Hurricane Harvey, but sports have helped in the healing process before.

CBS Local: The Astros and Hurricane Harvey

MLB Column: Umpires

There is a crucial difference between a player publicly scolding an umpire and an umpire doing the same for a player. And if Angel Hernandez, Joe West, or any other umpire wants respect, he better earn it. Umps have been in the news a lot lately, which is never a good thing.

CBS Local: Angel Hernandez, Joe West, and Respect

MLB Column: Fantasy Baseball

Don’t worry, I don’t bore you for 700 words about my fantasy baseball team. Instead, I talk about a fun fantasy game, “Beat the Streak,” and explain why I think fantasy baseball is underrated.

CBS Local: Fantasy Baseball

MLB Column: Debuts

There is a special kind of excitement that surrounds the Major League debut of a hyped prospect, an event that has happened often this past week and will continue for another month. Some debuts go better than others — a first at-bat home run or a walk-off hit have both happened this season. Hanging above everything is the uncertainty surrounding a player’s future.

CBS Local: The Magic of a Major League Debut

MLB Column: Hall of Famers

Sunday is baseball’s annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Go to Cooperstown if you want to see the new class. If you want to see future members in action, you’ve got options too. My latest MLB column looks at the locks (and other potential candidates) to one day get the call from the Hall.

CBS Local: Hall of Famers Among Us

MLB Column: Individual Achievements

I’ve written about four-homer games before. Is that the best single-game feat a baseball player can achieve? I take a deeper look for my weekly MLB column.

CBS Local: Baseball’s Most Impressive Feat