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MLB Column: Watching Bad Teams

I attended the Labor Day game between the hapless Mets and unseasoned Phillies.  When two bad teams play, you have to look a little deeper to find the entertainment.

CBS Local: No Such Thing as Meaningless Baseball

MLB Column: Debuts

There is a special kind of excitement that surrounds the Major League debut of a hyped prospect, an event that has happened often this past week and will continue for another month. Some debuts go better than others — a first at-bat home run or a walk-off hit have both happened this season. Hanging above everything is the uncertainty surrounding a player’s future.

CBS Local: The Magic of a Major League Debut

MLB Column: Announcers

Because of the nature of the sport and length of the season, fans have a special relationship with their favorite team’s TV announcers. Mets fans, in particular, are lucky.

CBS Local: The Voices of Summer