Mets Offense Looks Like 2015

The Mets offense, decimated by injuries, is anemic. I’m referring to this year’s team, but the same could have been said about the Mets at this point last season. A quick look at the numbers through 57 games:

mets offense 2016

The 2015 Mets, of course, became an elite offensive team late in the season, easily won the National League East, and advanced to the World Series. Can New York turn it around again this year?

Like last season, several key players have missed action due to injury. Starting catcher Travis d’Arnaud missed 44 of the first 57 games last season; he’s missed 46 this year. Wright has missed 20 this year compared to 49 at this point last season. Both are still on the disabled list along with Lucas Duda.

The good news is that d’Arnaud (rotator cuff) and Duda (back) should return and provide an offensive boost over their replacements. The same can not be said about Wright, who has a serious back issue and wasn’t playing all that well anyway, hitting just .226 with 55 strikeouts in 137 at-bats. Wilmer Flores, Wright’s most frequent replacement, has outperformed him.

There are other reasons for Mets fans to worry. Michael Conforto debuted in game No. 97 last year and was an immediate upgrade in the outfield. Yoenis Cespedes joined the team for game No. 104 and was the best player in baseball the final two months. There doesn’t seem to be a minor leaguer ready to step in like Conforto did and no acquisition could possibly have Cespedes’ impact.

So yes, the Mets have a similar record and total number of runs as they did this time last year. They are once again not far behind Washington and can expect some starters to return.

But if they do turn it around like last year, it will probably come at the hands of players currently in the lineup. Curtis Granderson, who was the MVP of the team last year, is batting just .206. Offseason acquisitions Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera, plus Cespedes and Conforto, have cooled off since the start of May (Conforto is hitting just .160 since May 1). In other words, the hitters are all slumping at once.

If the regulars return to form, the Mets can be just as good as they were in 2015, even without bringing in new personnel.

2 thoughts on “Mets Offense Looks Like 2015”

  1. Hitting second or third or fourth and playing third base? Yes, that would be excellent. But if we sign him, we probably don’t sign Cespedes, so it’s a net negative. If only the owners weren’t broke…

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