The Citi Field Experience

The following photos were taken during the bottom of the seventh inning of last night’s Mets-Rockies game at Citi Field. They represent some, but not even close to all, of the stadium’s noise meter graphics.

Make some noise.
Rest assured, it reached level 10.
Personally, I think “pump it up” should be above “make some noise.”
Ruben Tejada’s player profile graphic coming in hot.
A sponsor for this intricate meter, which has four useless gauges in each corner.
Almost missed this one.
We can do better in 2015.

If it’s a dull moment in the game—and at Citi, they’ll show a noise meter when the Mets have two outs and nobody on—fans aren’t going to respond. And if things are getting exciting, fans will naturally get loud and don’t really care for a falsified decibel reading. In other words, noise meters are useless.

I used to scream my head off in an admittedly silly attempt to affect the meter’s reading. My friend Seth told me that had I tried that last night, I would have lost my voice in the seventh.

Whatever happened to letting fans enjoy the sounds of the game? In the Mets’ three-run seventh last night, there was audio played before nearly every pitch. I never heard a sustained “Let’s go Mets!” chant partly because the stadium speakers are constantly blaring something else.

I don’t hate noise, I just prefer it be more organic. You know what was more fun than any of the noise meters during the game? The brief “Yankees suck!” chant on the way out of the stadium.

One thought on “The Citi Field Experience”

  1. I’ve been to so many games at Citi, but I never realized how many times they use the noise meters until I brought a casual Yankees fan friend to the game last month. He pointed out to me they do it almost every 3 pitches. And I though that he was making a ridiculous statement, but umm.. yeah he was right. LOL! I guess I’m so into the game I don’t even realize it. Well, the way Citi is lately, they probably don’t have to use it as much!

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