Scoop and Score: Week 9 Recap

My younger brother, Stephen, and I talk about Saturday’s college football action, our predictions for the college football playoff, and more. The playoff committee will release its inaugural rankings on Tuesday night, so listen now!

4 thoughts on “Scoop and Score: Week 9 Recap”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your inaugural podcast. Earlier this morning I heard Brad Edwards on ESPN radio reference “game control” as a metric he’s using to rank teams for the playoff. Have you seen that metric before? Is the playoff committee using it?

    1. There’s a brief explanation of Game Control midway through this post: Basically, it’s a metric that looks at a team’s chances of winning throughout a game, with the strength of the opponent factored in. Sometimes a final score can be misleading (maybe a the winning team tacked on a meaningless touchdown in the final seconds), so Game Control attempts to give a more accurate depiction of how dominant a team was in a particular game. I don’t know if the committee is using it. They haven’t gone out of their way to mention it.

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