College Football Week 8 Rap

Guess who’s back with a brand new rap? The game of the week, if not the century, lived up to the hype, as Florida State outlasted Notre Dame. That game, and others, are mentioned in my Week 8 rap recap:

Lyrics and playoff picks below:

Let’s start with a mainstay
Of your viewing experience best show period GameDay
It was back for the same matchup from 93
Rewind time and see
A young rapper, who was there with his dad
When Corso first made a pick
Now we savor it watch the show and wait for it
Which team will he take we’re cravin it
Once again he took the Noles
And a loss would shook the polls
And just for an instant it looked like they did but instead Jameis Winston
Remained undefeated hate em but can’t beat him
The other team in the state
Has fans dreaming of a scheme to replace
Uh, bounce back for the Frogs
You have more league wins than the Hogs
Big 12 Bill Snyder: win maker
Even if he can’t wear his old windbreakers
Saban is usually a hater
But even he had to admit that was major
If your school’s lost twice
You really don’t look like the playoff type
If you only have one, then you have a chance
Check back at Thanksgiving, have fun

At this point in the year, my playoff teams are solely based on the 2014 season, and are meant to represent my picks should the season end today. Obviously it doesn’t, but again, I’m not trying to predict what will happen going forward. Mississippi State may very well lose its road games against Alabama and Ole Miss, but until they do, they clearly belong. My top three were easy. For the fourth spot, I considered seven teams but settled on Alabama because of yards per play metrics:

(1) Mississippi State vs. (4) Alabama
(2) Florida State vs. (3) Ole Miss

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