College Football Week 4 Rap

I take shots at Jameis Winston and Florida State and give props to some of the big-time performers of Week 4 in my rap recap:

I recorded this to the beat for Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar.” Lyrics and my current playoff field below:

You couldn’t be more wrong
If you thought you couldn’t be, smart in the classroom and still be a moron
So tell us he’s intelligent a straight A student,
I’ll tell you that’s irrelevant when you act stupid
What is he smoking? On the sideline in pads like
“Coach I thought you were joking!”
Not to mention, all the attention
ESPN showed nothing but Winston
And then Clemson probably should have won
But their kicker couldn’t get it done
One guy who did was did Oregon’s Marcus Mariota
Five touchdowns guess he had to reach his quota,
Melvin Gordon too
New York’s in store for dudes or at least an award or two
Despite a late rally,
Mississippi State beat LSU at night in Death Valley
No kiddin, tell me how they’re 14th in the country
But fifth in their own division?
SEC West does look best
When Auburn gets a win in a tough road test
Hashtag blessed if your team’s in the hunt
Cuz mine can’t score and they can’t even punt
So UM, UConn and Florida troops
Just remember there’s always hoops

My playoff field, if it started today, remains the same as last week. At the moment it’s hard to determine the best SEC West team, and I’m admittedly still using last season as justification for FSU’s inclusion. That will change in the coming weeks as we have more data from 2014:

Also considered: Alabama, Oklahoma Note: Oregon vs Baylor would break football.
Also considered: Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi State

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