College Football Week 2 Rap

Here is my rap for the second week of the college football season. It was a bad week for the Big Ten in general and Michigan in particular, and the lyrics reflect that:

For the older crowd, here are the lyrics:

Notre Dame played Michigan one last time
Now we know why the Irish dissed em
It wasn’t cuz they scurred that would be absurd
They wanted better competition
Their quarterback cheated on his classes
Took a year off and mastered his passes
Now his mind works faster
So for UM and the Big Ten it was a disaster
Outscored by the MAC
State didn’t show up after half and the Bucks were flat
Other top teams snacked
On cupcakes next week we get another batch
No lyin
Fournette scored for the first time ever and then did the Heisman
USC won give em credit
And their AD made sure we won’t forget it
Pat Haden was just demonstratin’
Why the playoff committee is bound to be hated
Remote in hand I perused the set
Oh no did Terry Bowden lose a bet?
Orange hair is weird but even more so
Is the Duck and a Duck version of Corso
Arkansas State’s my new favorite team
Walley World Bowl twenty fourteen
And here is what my playoff field looks like:
Also considered: Alabama, Baylor, Texas A&M
Also considered: Alabama, Baylor, Texas A&M

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