Congress Approves Anti-BCS Bill

I love sports and I don’t appreciate it when people tell me “it’s just a game” after Michigan loses to Ohio State or the Mets get eliminated from playoff contention. It bothers me even more when people take the time to explain to me that there are so many more important things in life than who wins a basketball game.

Because, uh, no kidding.

Even the most passionate, obsessed, die-hard sports fans realize this. Just because someone gets upset when their favorite team loses doesn’t mean they think it’s more devastating than cancer or war. We sports fans have perspective. We realize that when it comes to sports, like everything in life, “it’s all relative.”

Unfortunately, Congress doesn’t share this belief. At least that’s the message it sent when it approved legislation that prohibits referring to the BCS title game as a national championship game.

It’s beyond egregious that taxpayer money is going towards something so frivolous. Don’t get me wrong, the college football playoff debate is an interesting one, and certainly a worthwhile topic for college football enthusiasts. But for politicians to spend their working hours on this is absurd.

My favorite part of the news articles written about this bill is that many of them mention that President Obama said he is in favor of a playoff. Yes, he did, but that’s only because he was asked. He didn’t say he was going to spend time pushing policy that would eliminate the BCS.

But that’s what an entire Congressional committee will spend its time doing. I could mention all the problems in our country — the economy, healthcare, Wall Street corruption, etc. — and although that does make this news even more unbelievable, something like this shouldn’t be happening even if our country was prospering.

If our elected leaders continue to waste time and money on such insignificant debate, America’s road to recovery might be even longer than anticipated.

One thought on “Congress Approves Anti-BCS Bill”

  1. On the surface and considering my MBA background, I see this bill as Congress throwing a small jab at what many see as antitrust violations by the BCS administrators. The BCS is too big of a problem for Congress to tackle and I think they know this. Some congressmen probably want to placate their constituents (e.g., MWC, Boise State, Cincinnati) and some are probably doing it for personal promotion/fame.

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