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Swallowing the Whistle

Stevens wanted the ball in Hayward’s hands. Twice during the season—against UCLA and Detroit—Hayward had been fouled at the finish and saved games by making free throws. Not that Butler’s coach expected a reprise of those scenarios.

“I didn’t think they’d call a foul,” Stevens said. “My thought was, ‘Shoot a pull-up if you have it.’ You would just have to get creamed in the national championship game to get a foul call.”

—Butler basketball coach Brad Stevens as quoted in David Woods’ book Underdawgs

Let the players decide the game. It’s a phrase we hear often from coaches, fans, announcers, and players themselves. Referees are criticized for blowing the whistle in the final moments of a close game—they are accused of “making it about them.”

How is a ref calling a legitimate penalty in the final seconds wrong? He is letting the players decide—it was a player who committed the infraction. It’s the ref’s job to call it.

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College Football Week 8 Rap

Guess who’s back with a brand new rap? The game of the week, if not the century, lived up to the hype, as Florida State outlasted Notre Dame. That game, and others, are mentioned in my Week 8 rap recap:

Lyrics and playoff picks below:

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College Football Week 2 Rap

Here is my rap for the second week of the college football season. It was a bad week for the Big Ten in general and Michigan in particular, and the lyrics reflect that:

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Why Michigan Needs Notre Dame on the Schedule

Saturday marks the last time for the foreseeable future that Michigan will play Notre Dame. Over the next two seasons, Michigan plays Utah, Oregon State, UNLV, BYU, Hawaii, Central Florida, and Colorado out of conference. As Jay-Z said, “When you’re used to filet mignon, it’s kind of hard to go back to Hamburger Helper.”

The cancellation of a series between the two most successful programs in college football history is good for nobody. But it’s particularly bad for Michigan. The aforementioned nonconference opponents don’t inspire excitement like Notre Dame. Later years look more promising: Florida shows up on Michigan’s schedule in 2017, followed by Arkansas the two years after that, and UCLA. Oklahoma appears eventually, though many of the players in that game are currently in second grade.

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Michigan vs Notre Dame: Battle for No. 1

michigan nd

The final game between Michigan and Notre Dame for the foreseeable future carries extra significance: The winner will have the best winning percentage in college football history.

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Week 2 Recap: Michigan Beats ND

Many said the Michigan-ND game would be decided by quarterback play (not exactly a bold prediction), and it did. Michigan has a quarterback who is a running threat; Notre Dame does not. This made a big difference in the red zone on Saturday night, where Michigan went 4/4 with four touchdowns while ND was 3/5 with two touchdowns. I wrote about other aspects of the game, including a breakdown of Eminem’s bizarre halftime interview, and the rest of Saturday’s action, here: http://saturdayblitz.com/2013/09/09/week-2-recap-nd-michigan-eminem-espn-booth-miami-florida/

Nick Saban Can’t Stop

Nick Saban
Surely this photo was doctored since Nick Saban never smiles.

Nick Saban had just hoisted the crystal football with a look that said, Here it is, humans, now let me start working on acquiring another one. He told a reporter that he would enjoy the victory for an entire 48 hours, twice as long as his usual celebration time limit. Senior linebacker Nico Johnson said the returning players would be angry about the two touchdowns they allowed. My friend Munoz asked me if Alabama was going to start practicing right then and there on the Orange Bowl field.
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