Trip to PNC Park in Pittsburgh

It was still just the fourth inning, and I’d already won a Denny’s breakfast, Dunkin Donuts coffee, and Chick-fil-a sandwich. Never before had the Mets’ poor play been so rewarding. In fact, everything about my first experience at a baseball game in Pittsburgh was enjoyable—except for the game’s result.

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MLB Recap: Beltre Belts No. 400

Is Adrian Beltre a Hall of Famer? It’s something to think about after he reached the 400 home run mark last week (and he wasn’t the only one to do so). My weekly MLB recap also includes a homer that landed in a boat and a near no-hitter.

MLB Recap: Kluber Strikes Out 18

This past week saw the reigning Cy Young winner regaining his form, baseball’s most feared slugger hitting one out of the stadium, and the first of its kind triple play. Read all about it in my weekly MLB recap for CBS Local.

Noah Syndergaard Debuts for Mets

I keep the tickets from every sporting event I attend in binders, where I jot down the result of the game and some key details. One ticket is from a Mets doubleheader against the Marlins on July 8, 2006. The Mets’ top pitching prospect at the time, Mike Pelfrey, made his major league debut in the second game. He got the win, and even though he was far from dominant—two earned runs, three strikeouts, four walks in five innings—his considerable hype excited me enough to conclude my entry with: “Maybe Pelfrey will be in the HOF one day.” Pelfrey pitched to a 4.36 ERA over his seven seasons with the Mets and has been a disappointment for the Twins since.

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MLB Recap Digs the Long Ball

Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays. Bryce Harper hits three home runs in one game. Two American Leaguers go yard in their first game. All of that, plus the surprising start for the Astros, in my latest MLB recap for CBS Local.

MLB Recap: Nationals Meeting Expectations

Baseball has been played for a long time, so it’s not often there’s a true first. But there was earlier this week, as a game was played in front of no fans. That was in Baltimore. Fifty miles south on I-95, the Nationals are starting to heat up, propelled by a ridiculous comeback win. All that and more in my latest MLB recap for CBS Local.

MLB Recap: Mets Are Baseball’s Best

Before the season, I wrote that this could be the year the Mets take back New York from the Yankees. The Mets enter this weekend’s Subway Series with the best record in baseball and an 11-game win streak. I wrote about their perfect week, as well as an accomplishment from a former Met, an MVP matchup (the first of its kind in MLB history), and some fun catches in my recap for CBS Local.

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