Keenan Reynolds’ Heisman Snub

Davidson College will not retire Stephen Curry’s jersey. It has nothing to do with basketball accomplishments, obviously. Curry took the small North Carolina school to athletic heights it had never reached. As you may have heard, his NBA career has also been successful. From a hoops standpoint, if Curry’s jersey were not worthy of retirement than there is no sense in hanging jerseys anywhere.

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Scoop and Score: College Football Playoff Preview

The playoff field is set! We discuss Clemson vs. Oklahoma, Alabama vs. Michigan State, and how those four teams made it here. We reveal our final Heisman ballots and debut movie quote trivia for the final five minutes of the pod.

Scoop and Score: Conference Championships Preview

If the playoffs started now, Alabama wouldn’t deserve a spot. But they don’t start now, so Steve and I preview the conference championships, including the Big Ten’s de facto play-in game. Listen to learn our picks and our Heisman ballots. iTunes to rate and subscribe!

Preseason NIT: A Tradition Ends

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the gym
Not a player was dribbling, no shots at the rim;
The nets were hung on the hoops with care,
But no basketball would be played there

There will be no basketball at Madison Square Garden tonight. The Preseason NIT semifinal doubleheader had been played there, the night before Thanksgiving, since its inception in 1985. I’d attended with family and friends almost every year since 1993.

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Scoop and Score: College Football Week 12 Recap

Michigan State went to Columbus and came away with perhaps the best win of the season, a result that rippled across the college football pond. Steve and I cover that, discuss our experiences attending games on Saturday, and preview this weekend’s games. Happy Thanksgiving!

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An NFL Fan Without a Purpose

Might as well cancel my RedZone subscription. My survivor pool entry has been eliminated and my fantasy team is toast.* Thanks for the 10 weeks, NFL.

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NCAA Basketball Recap: Nov. 16

I hope you’ve been enjoying the start of the college basketball season. Thank you for coming here to read about it.

Scoreboard surprises

Here are four scores from the opening weekend:
Western Illinois 69, Wisconsin 67
Radford 82, Georgetown 80 (2 OT)
Alabama State 85, Virginia Tech 82
Monmouth 84, UCLA 81 (OT)

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