MLB Recap: Rangers Rise in AL West

From the silly to the important, I’ve got the latest in MLB news covered, which includes a phenom reaching another major milestone and a record-setting extra-inning game. Read all about it in my latest Five Things column for CBS Local.

Next Man Up

From James Connor at Pitt to Eddie Vanderdoes at UCLA and college football players at schools in between, key athletes have sustained major injuries in the opening weeks of the season. How will they impact their teams going forward? Find out in my latest for CBS Local.

Mets and Their Fans in Unfamiliar Territority

Quick, someone find me a Yankees fan. I have forgotten what meaningful late-season baseball feels like. The last time the Mets were in the race this late in the season was 2008. So for the past six years, I’ve checked out by now, moved on to football. These past few weeks have been a reminder of what playoff baseball feels like: fun, but also stressful.

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Scoop and Score: College Football Week 2 Recap

Steve and I break down Oregon-Michigan State, Michigan’s first win, Notre Dame’s critical injury, and more from Week 2. We look ahead to the key matchups of Week 3.

MLB Recap: Little League Grand Slams

Two players hit “Little League grand slams” this past week, a feat that typically includes some defensive ineptitude. In one instance, the defensive culprit TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF. Also, a prominent starting pitcher announced he’s hanging ’em up, and the Astros are about to break an MLB record. Read all about it in my latest recap for CBS Local.

Scoop and Score: College Football Week 1 Recap

Steve and I talk about our experiences attending games (Steve at Texas-Notre Dame, me at Michigan-Utah) and the other important moments from college football’s opening week. Get ready for a season full of Scoop and Score podcasts!

He Should Pitch in the Playoffs

Maybe we should have named him Ernie. After all, Ernie Davis is dead and therefore unlikely to disgrace himself. Ernie and my dog share a hometown, providing a natural connection. Plus Ernie is a good name for a dog. We went with Harvey instead, as in Mets pitcher Matt Harvey. I knew some of the risks. Jerry Seinfeld named his dog Jose only to have Jose Reyes sign with another team. A trade, another injury, or poor performance could have made my choice unfortunate. I didn’t expect this.

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