College Football Week 5 Rap

Michigan is the target of many of my lyrics in this week’s college football rap recap:

Here are the lyrics, delivered over Dr. Dre’s “What’s the Difference”:

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Shane Morris, Brady Hoke, and Concussions

Fifteen minutes. That’s the minimum time it takes to complete a SCAT3, the test given to athletes who may be concussed.

Three minutes and fifteen seconds. That’s the time it took for Michigan quarterback Shane Morris to re-enter the game after sustaining what appeared to be a concussion.

Six hours and counting. That’s the time it’s taken, so far, for the Michigan medical staff to release the statement we were told to expect earlier today.

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Why Did ESPN Suspend Bill Simmons?

Remember Playmakers? It was the name of the first original drama series on ESPN. Eleven episodes aired in the fall of 2003, and even though the show was a ratings success, ESPN cancelled the series under pressure from the NFL. The league didn’t like how it was being portrayed, and ESPN didn’t want to further anger a television partner. This probably wasn’t the reason ESPN suspended writer Bill Simmons for his anti-Roger Goodell comments, but it’s hard to shake the possibility.

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