College Basketball Season Preview Podcast

In case you missed it, I published a college basketball podcast yesterday. My guests, Brian Kahn and Lee Joffe, and I preview the season with a discussion of what makes college hoops great, how it could be improved, and which teams to look out for in 2014-15. As we’ve done for many years, we share our Final Four predictions. Check it out!

New Podcast, Freelance Stories, Awards

Hello, readers (and listeners)! Steve and I recorded another college football podcast, which is available below. In this episode, we recap Saturday’s big games, including Mississippi State’s first loss, Melvin Gordon’s huge day (and pro potential), and the effectiveness of icing the kicker. Smokey, Tennessee’s mascot, is also discussed. All the previous podcasts are now hosted on a new website and can be downloaded.

Forward Progress: November 19

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for a college basketball podcast in which my guests and I discuss last night’s Champions Classic and make our predictions for the season. It should be a fun and informative listen. Speaking of college hoops, I wrote a story yesterday for CBS Local on Kentucky’s chances of an undefeated season and whether they could beat an NBA team. My sources include coaches who have worked at both the college and pro levels.

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Forward Progress: November 14

As promised, the latest Forward Progress podcast has a special guest: Dave Revsine from the Big Ten Network. Dave joins Stephen and me to give a brief history of the network and its role in shaping college athletics, Ohio State’s playoff chances, the best rivalries, and, pulling from his book The Opening Kickoff: The Tumultuous Birth of a Football Nation, what the game’s past might tell us about its future. Steve and Dave share some laughs over their athletic “careers” in Dublin, and Steve and I preview Saturday’s biggest games.


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