Michigan vs Notre Dame: Battle for No. 1

michigan nd

The final game between Michigan and Notre Dame for the foreseeable future carries extra significance: The winner will have the best winning percentage in college football history.


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Overheard in Pittsburgh: “Notre Dame is a bad football team. Trust us, we know what a bad football team looks like. We were up 14 on them in the fourth quarter! Then our guys started forgetting which end zone to go towards. Even then, we win if our kicker makes that chip shot. And they had two guys on the field with the same number during the kick! Typical ND favoritism from the refs right there.”

Overheard in Ann Arbor: “Notre Dame, No. 1? Seriously? If Denard didn’t throw 10 interceptions we would have won easily. We still should have won. And that was at their place. Their defense wasn’t any good. We just gave it to them. And their offense was terrible.”



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